Cash 4 Cars Software

Most Car Dealerships use some sort of Computer Program to keep track of their customers and cars. All these programs cost money and are quiet expensive. I created a Sheet to keep track of everything I need, and today I will be showing you how to use this Fantastic Tool.

This is the Basic Sheet. This is also the only sheet that You, the user, can edit. Whenever You Purchase a car to sell, You put in the CONTACT of the Client you purchased the car from as well as all the information of the car and how it COST. Then You put in any additional REPAIRs. It will automatically show you the TOTAL COST.

Now You include the ASKING PRICE. Once You sell the car, also put in the PRICE SOLD and the DATE SOLD.

Each of the other Sheets are just Pivot Tables that You can use depending on what you need them for.

For Example, If You need information about the CONTACT and Car, but You do not need anything about the Car's PRICE, Open the CONTACTS Sheet. This sheet specifically shows You information about the people You are buying Your cars from.

The CARS 4 SALE Sheet is just a way for You to keep Track of all the Cars that are currently for Sale. It contains all the information on the Car itself including the TOTAL COST and ASKING PRICE. That way, if a Customer is interested in the Car, You can quickly look up the Car and see how much You are asking for the Car and how much the Car COST you to see what is the lowest you are willing to go on the PRICE.

The Final Pivot Sheet is what You use specifically to see what Your PROFIT is. You can either look up the PROFIT for a specific Car in the K Column, or see your TOTAL PROFIT for all the cars in the Cell B2.

I am Extremely Satisfied with the way this Sheet turned out. It does everything I need it to. If your Company is interested in Purchasing a Customized Copy of this Sheet, Please Contact me! This will help You take Your business to the NEXT LEVEL!!!