Cars Wanted

How to Use "Cars Wanted"

This Sheet is quiet easy to use. A big problem we had at the Dealership is that People would always call in and ask if we had a certain car in stock. If we did not have it, we would make a note of this customer with their name and number. Rarely would we actually keep those notes and follow up with the customer. By the time we actually had the car they were looking for in the inventory, we would have already thrown the note out and had no way to contact the customer. I devised a simple sheet to be able to keep track of all these instances.

The First thing I needed to do was find a Data Set with every car company. I found a data set from Kaggle published by Ismail Turkmen. Here is the Link:

I Only populated the Make of into the Sheet. Then I removed companies that we never have in stock.

Now whenever a customer calls in for a vehicle we do not have, I just put their information into the corresponding cells. Then when we have the car in stock, I look up the car in the sheet and call the customer up!